129st.co is a studio created to help realtors, home builders, architects and interior designers improve sales using the tools we can provide; like renderings, websites, graphic design and social network content and ads.


A powerful tool for getting eye-catching visuals for pre-selling real estate. CGI can bring any idea to life and allows the impossible: showcasing the space layout, zoning, materials, textures, colors, lighting, furniture, decor choices, etc.


The architectural movie takes the audience on a tour around the property as if it were already built. It shows surroundings, exterior design, walks the viewer through the building. This highly immersive visual tool is a real competitive edge for property marketing and presentations.


Video animation


Realtors, home builders, architects and interior designers can treat their prospects and customers to self-guided tours around the properties and designs promoted. What’s more, viewers can see every detail of the future real estate unit and get immersed into its atmosphere. And that’s far from all.

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at 129st.co we bridge the gap between technical architectural plans and visual storytelling. Our knowledge and expertise in this sector mean we know how to deliver compelling campaigns that drive sales.

For more info, please contact us! We can make the offer fit your project and needs.

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